Qualifications Agency

The Law on NQFS shall envisage the establishment of a special Qualifications Agency, with the aim of providing quality on all levels of development and implementation of the National Qualifications Framework in the Republic of Serbia (NQFS).

In order to ensure the synchronized and efficient system of development and implementation of NQFS and the application of partnership principle in the development of NQFS, special bodies and institutions shall be established. A representative body shall be authorized for the system management – NQFS Council, and composed of the representatives of the relevant interested parties.

Qualifications Agency shall many functions and duties, from the coordination and support of NQFS Council, over the cooperation with relevant international bodies and institutions and referencing of NQFS with the European Qualifications Framework, to the coordination and support of the Sector Skills Councils as well as support of development of Qualifications Standards. Qualifications Agency shall also support implementation and maintenance of the National Qualifications Register.