Sector profiles

Sector profile is an analytical foundation of relevant and updated data on social economy status and perspectives of the sector, on situation of offer and demand for qualifications within a sector, and it also indicates the directions of future developmental changes in the world of labour, in order for the stakeholders and future generations to be able to follow the needs of economy and society through the process of acquiring qualifications. For those who are already in the work process, the sector profile will indicate directions and needs for personal development in order to preserve one’s employment or career development.

Each profile of the sector consolidates the data from various institutions, i.e.: Central registry of compulsory social insurance (CRCSI), Statistical office of the Republic of Serbia (SORS), National Employment Service (NES), Institute for Improvement of Education (IIE), as well as the data from other relevant sources. Sector profiles comprise of series of complex, updated, necessary, quality and relevant information such as:

  • general data – related to demographics, economy indicators, general indicators of trends on labour market, educational status of young people and (in)adequacy of the level of qualifications of the workforce,
  • state and perspectives of the development of the sector – contains general data on the sector, business structure of the sector, structure of the employees regarding professions, mobility of employment and perspectives for the development of the sector,
  • offer and demand related to professions and qualifications – offers on the labour market for the unemployed and educational offers relevant for the sector, employment from the NES lists and mutual relation of offer and demand are considered,
  • main findings of the study and recommendations on the required activities important for the development of the sector.

Four sector profiles were prepared for the activities of Sector councils/groups, namely:

  • Agricultural sector profile, production and processing foods and Electronic, Technical and computing sector profile were elaborated by the experts, engaged in the project “Empowering the capacities of the vocational secondary education system for the improvement of the quality“, and they encompass the field of secondary vocational education, as implemented with the support of IPA 12 fund.
  • Both Geology, mining and metallurgy sector profile and Tourism and hospitality sector profile were created by the experts, engaged in the project “Support to implementation of the Employment and social reform programme – ESRP” in Republic Serbia, with employment and increase of the employability of young people in focus (stage 1), with financial support by Swiss agency for the Development and Cooperation.

The listed sector profiles contain general data from the period of past years, ending in 2015, related to demographics, economy indicators, general indicators on labour market trends, educational level of young people and (in) adequacies of the levels of education of the workforce in Serbia. During the preparation of these profiles, global context and business structure of the sectors, structure of employees in accordance with occupations, as well as the employment mobility and perspectives of general development of the sector were analysed.

Download document: Profil sektora - GRM.pdf

Download document: Profil_sektora-PPPH.pdf

Download document: Profil_sektora-EIKT.pdf

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Download document: Analysis of the fastest-growing jobs in the ICT sector

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All the studies on sector profiles, reports and other materials are the property of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development. The listed studies were prepared and elaborated by experts engaged for this operation, and, in accordance with that, these studies reflect attitudes and expert opinions of the authors. Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of information and data delivered in these profiles.