Inventory of Qualifications

Expert team prepares the proposals for inclusion of qualifications in NQFS. This effort requires detailed survey of qualifications currently existing in Serbia. To this end, parallel to the work of the Expert team for creating NQFS, the inventory and the analysis have been conducted with МoESTD and NQFS Expert team as beneficiaries. The inventory includes formal qualifications of secondary and post-secondary professional education system, higher education, as well as qualifications of non-formal education and adult education system. The inventory does not include qualifications acquired at the end of primary or general secondary education.

Inventory and Analysis have two main goals:

1. Providing evidence for decision-making on inclusion qualifications in NQFS Catalogue and placing qualifications at the appropriate levels of NQFS.

2. Providing evidence for implementing the referencing process of NQFS with European Qualifications Framework.


Download document: Inventory & Analysis.pdf

Download document: Report.pdf