Project Title: Sector Reform Contract for Education Reform in Serbia-Strengthening links with employment and social inclusion

Duration of the project implementation: 2017-2019

Donor: IPA 2016

Project objectives:

The overall objective of this Sector Reform Contract is to assist the Government of Serbia in implementing the reform of the education system, based on the National Education Development Strategy until 2020. The on-going education reform aims to improve the quality, equity, and relevance of education and training system, including specific issues linked to education needs of minorities and Roma, in order to better match the needs of the labour market, as well as to progressively align to the European Union standards, policy and practice. The Reform contract will focus on the national qualifications framework and on the teacher training for the implementation of learning outcome-based curricula, with the goal to implement measures that will improve student skills and competencies, and their prospects on the labour market.

One of the specific objectives related to the NQF in Serbia is to improve the relevance of the education system for the labour market by linking labour market needs with the education system. That specific objective will be financed through the complementary support component of the programme. It is planned to be implemented through two service contracts, one for capacity building of the relevant institutions and one for the assessment of the achievement of targets and indicators.

The support will contribute to the establishment of the legal and institutional framework for the NQF, including the Law on NQF, the Qualifications Agency, NQFS Council and Sector Skills Councils, which will support the development of the social partnership on the national level and link education and the labour market.