About Qualification Standard


A national-level document containing a set of qualification data with a detailed description of learning objectives and outcomes is referred to as the standard of qualification. It represents the basis for the development of the education / training programs as well as the qualification data on the basis of which the determination of the levels, classification and evaluation is carried out.

Qualification standard elements:  

  1. Title of the qualification
  2. Code of the qualification in the Qualification Register
  3. Codes of the occupations which are related to the qualification, in accordance with the National Classification of Occupations
  4. Qualification level in the NQF and the EQF
  5. Type of the qualification
  6. The way of acquiring the qualification
  7. The position of the qualification in accordance with CLASSNQFS
  8. Occupational description (not obligatory element for general qualifications)
  9. Preconditions for the acquisition of the qualification
  10. Progression possibilities within the system of qualifications
  11. The duration of the educational/training programme for the acquisition of the qualification
  12. Learning outcomes
  13. Validation including assessment and certification of the learning outcomes
  14. Public certificate and the competent awarding body
  15. The source of verification of the reference data about the qualification: the document number, the competent body issuing the document, the date, the mark of the version of the qualification, the date of qualification entry in the Register


The methodology for the qualification standards development will be proposed by international experts, who were dealing with the issues of the standard of qualification over many years.

The initiative for developing and adopting the standards for a new qualification may be initiated by the Sector Skills Council, the Council for Vocational Education and Adult Education, the National Education Council, the National Council for Higher Education, the National Employment Service, the Higher Education institution and other legal entities (state bodies, Publicly Recognised Organizers of Activities, etc.).

Creation of qualification standards and the quality of the mentioned standard is additionally ensured by the participation of relevant bodies and institutions such as:

  • NQFS Council
  • Qualification Agency
  • Sector Skills Councils and
  • Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development

The NQFS Council proposes qualification standards for all levels of the NQFS. Expert bodies that based on these data suggest sector-level qualification standards are Sector Skills Councils. Expert support to the Sector Skills Councils in the drafting of the standard of qualification is provided by the Qualification Agency.

The standard of qualification structured in this way allows the integration of data from the education system and labour market data, as well as the use of various relevant data sources for its creation.

The adoption of qualification standards and their inclusion in the qualification standard sub-register that will be an integral part of the NQFS Registry shall be made on the basis of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development decision. The sub-register of qualification standards will be established for the purposes of data management on qualification standards.