Project Title: European Qualification Framework-National Coordination Points (NCP) 2017

Duration of the project implementation: 9 months, the project finalisation expected by the end of 2017

Donor: Erasumus+

Project objectives:

The aim of this Project is to build a system of professional assistance for referencing the levels of qualifications within National Qualifications Systems to the European Qualifications Framework levels.

The European Qualifications Framework provides useful references for the recognition of qualifications. The EQF provides better understanding of the competencies and qualifications of the potential candidates, especially if EQF levels are listed in diplomas, supplements and Europass documents. Likewise, the same goes for employers who want the integrated European labour market to be homogenous as far as the qualifications of the work force are concerned. EQF represents a useful tool of communication between business sectors and companies at the European level, because the employers recognise the benefit of describing the level of competencies with learning outcomes and their relations with EQF levels.

The project activities target the drafting of referencing report with expert assistance and recommendations from national and EU experts, as well as an additional report on self-assessment of NQFS in the field of higher education in relation to the qualifications framework in the European Higher Education area.

Also, special attention will be paid to improving social partnership and disseminating information on the importance of establishing the NQF and its referencing (linking) with the EQF for the mobility in the markets of labour and education.

The expected outcomes:

  • Transfer of knowledge, experience and best practice from EU to Serbia;
  • Preparation of the self-reference report, comments and recommendations of the EU experts on the self-referencing report;
  • Dissemination and exploitation of the promotional material and the “Serbian National Qualifications Framework” publication.