Welcome to the Internet presentation of the National Qualifications Framework in Serbia (NQFS).

NQFS is an instrument for identifying, creating and classifying qualifications, in accordance with the demands of labour market, continual learning, science and society in general.

NQFS defines processes and institutions (bodies, organisations) responsible for defining qualifications and qualification standards, methods and conditions for acquiring, comparing and recognition of qualifications, along with other mechanisms for quality assurance.

NQFS contributes to the improvement of the educational system of Republic Serbia and to the overall reform processes. The main purpose of improving the educational system is the education of competent individuals who will be able to respond to the requirements of labour market, society, economy, and to meet their own needs in an adequate and professional manner.

NQFS is an integral part of the European integration process and the Chapter 26 – Education and Culture, with the planned referencing to European Qualifications Framework and mobility of workforce.