9. November 2020. 14:11

Strengthening Sector Skills Councils – one of the priorities in the establishment of the NQFS; Training held for the members of Sector Skills Councils

Another round of trainings for the members of all 12 Sector Skills Councils was completed with a one-day training for the members of the Sector Skills Council for the fields of Health and Social Welfare, held in Belgrade on November 6, 2020. The trainings are a continuation of the activities started in January this year and were organized with the aim of providing the necessary support to the Sector Skills Councils, in order to strengthen it for efficient work in the coming period.

Experts of the project “Development of an integrated system of national qualifications in the Republic of Serbia” with representatives of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development and the Qualifications Agency mapped the areas where support to the Sector Skills Councils is most needed. The training included two thematic units important for the work of the Sector Skills Councils. As part of the first unit, dedicated to sector profiles, participants discussed with Project experts the importance of sector profiles and the demand and supply of sector skills, as well as the frameworks and guidelines needed to make good and data-based decisions on qualifications needed in the market and education system. The second unit was focused on the consideration of qualification standards and its key elements – through examples, data describing qualifications were considered, which represent the basis for the development of education / training programs and on the basis of which the achievement of learning outcomes for a particular qualification is assessed.

Sector Skills Councils are an important link in establishing a national qualifications framework, so activities within which they are provided with the necessary support in their work are one of the priorities for the Ministry and the Qualifications Agency. Within the project “Development of an integrated system of national qualifications in the Republic of Serbia”, support will be available to the Sector Skills Councils in the coming period, in accordance with the planned project activities.



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